13 June 2021

Zeitblatt Magazine Fts. BMS: Oxford Portrait Removal


On Sunday 13 June, Zeitblatt Magazine featured the British Monarchists Society in their weekend exclusive: The Removal of The Queen’s Portrait at Oxford University. Magdalen College’s history is steeped in Royal association and symbolism, a history which the institution should be proud of, but the students enrolled there think otherwise. The College’s students have tabled and passed a motion to remove a portrait of Her Majesty from the Middle Common Room on the campus, wishing to replace it with “art by or of other influential and inspirational people”. One of the first to defend Her Majesty, and The Crown, BMS Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, who was this morning featured in Britain’s Daily Star newspaper stated, “I will be writing on behalf of the BMS to David Clary, President of Oxford’s Magdalen college. The removal of the Queen’s portrait is unconscionable and shows the worst of our education system. If students were taught about the monarch and the position she occupied they would very well feel different.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE