Windsor: A Brand Worth Billions

To a very small minority, the Royal family are seen as takers rather than givers, but the hard truth is that the Royal family are not just individuals who belong to the State, but a brand unto themselves which adds vast sums to the national economy on a yearly basis. Together as a whole, or individually, each member of the Royal family adds their own value to the “brand”. The House of Windsor is not just our ruling dynasty, but a worldwide public relations machine that exports the quintessential brand of “British-ness” across the globe, returning billions in revenue into our economy.

The Brand Worth

“This year we estimate that the combined tangible and intangible asset value of the Monarchy is £44 billion. Our valuation of the Monarchy is based on a number of assumptions and data points that we have drawn from reputable sources. Some are more concrete than others, but we believe that as with other valuations we have produced a fair view overall.” – Brand Finance Journal: Special Jubilee Issue 2012.

Some members of our Royal family may come at a higher value for money contribution than others, but as a whole, there is no greater brand representing the United Kingdom than the Royal Family. The proof is in the numbers, in which this section sets out how the “Royal” brand contributes vast sums to the maintenance and upkeep of the British economy. In terms of value for money and monetary contribution to the United Kingdom, the Royal family not only contribute through tax, work, and purchasing power, but they are also, in fact, a worldwide brand that is well known and popular – earning the nation billions in tangible and intangible value as dissected and examined by the Brand Financial Journal. Special Royal celebrations such as Weddings, Jubilees, Births, etc. add to the nation’s coffers in terms of tourism, commerce, hospitality, production, and a plethora of other categories which we may not even realise. The Brand Financial Journal has used data provided, equations, formulas, GDP fluctuations, and other real term implementations at deriving the figures explained in the added value of the Monarchy to the nation.

The Brand Financial Journal (BFJ) states: “The Monarchy is a powerful endorsement for individual and company brands and for the nation brand. We believe that it is making a significant contribution to the task of driving Britain out of recession”. With this statement showing that the Royal family in fact has a significant factor on the nation’s finances, let us explore in depth how the BFJ has identified the Monarchy as a brand and the many factors involved in deriving the amount of value the Royal family are worth to the nation as a whole and individually.