The British Monarchists Society

What the Monarchy Brings to the UK.

Q: What, in your opinion, do the monarchy bring to the UK to benefit us?

A: The Monarchy brings innumerable benefits to the United Kingdom and this is best expressed by the Brand Finance Journal and how they value the British Monarchy. The institution is more than an example of national unity, nationalistic/traditional sentiments and a sense of pride, in which the Royals give the UK when we send them across the globe. The worth of the Royals is more a lot more than them keeping us as “number one” in the position of global soft power. It is the economic abilities of the Royals which mean the most, and further keep large portions of the economy booming, especially in smaller and rural areas. As a brand, the Royal family is truly a key player in many aspects of the British economy. The Monarchy, in terms of business and value as a British brand, is worth over £65 BILLION each year to our economy over many different areas.

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