There is Nothing Antediluvian about Monarchy

By: Matthew Groves, BMS Blogger-in-Residence

When the two Royal Princes rolled up their sleeves and helped with protecting people at risk of flooding, they showed their commitment to their people. This was no mere photo opportunity – indeed Princes William and Harry made clear their displeasure at the presence of photographers. Neither were they simply getting in the way; the Royal brothers both have military  experience, with Prince Harry still serving in the Army. They worked from 6am to help to protect Datchet in Berkshire. The visit was not announced and the media only got wind of it at 11am. This story speaks of older values.

There is something that seems right in a timeless sense when the heir to the Throne helps shepherd his people through a traumatic, distressing and dangerous time. Along with the Princes helping out physically, Her Majesty the Queen has also offered help to Somerset farmers with feed and bedding from the Windsor Estate. Not only does this exemplify the rootedness of our Royal Family through its connections with the countryside, but there is also an echo of the decision by George VI and Queen Elizabeth to remain in London during the Blitz. The support is not only practical, but is also a profound moral support to a nation in distress.

As politicians and bureaucrats blame each other the role of Monarchy and the ability for the Royal family to pull us together rather than divide us is yet again demonstrated by the response of our Royal Family to the terrible floods that this nation has been subjected to by the elements.