The British Monarchists Society

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills

Thomas founded the British Monarchists Society and is most recognised for his works in conceptualising and overseeing the creation and completion of the 2015 “Realms Portrait” for Her Majesty, and gifted to her by the Commonwealth Realms, organising the Belgrade Royal Wedding of Prince Philip of Serbia in 2017 and for his live commentary at the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at Windsor Castle in 2018.                           

Alexander Shayler

Alexander is the current Chairman of the British Monarchists Society. He works in the political and communicatons industry, running campaigns across the world as a consultant based in London. He has been a active member of the BMS since 2014.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Dame Mervyn of Reading
Secretary General

Mervyn’s joined the BMS in 2012 as the Secretary General and as a Director. Her career was largely with the MOD until her retirement, where she was a Chief Welfare Officer managing teams throughout the country, responsible for MOD policy on, and training staff in, health and safety, first aid, alcohol and drug abuse, stress, smoking and statistics, but also spent ten years as the Senior Administrator at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Foulness Island for the MOD.

Barry Theobald-Hicks
Patron Liaison

Barry Theobald-Hicks of Danbury was born in 1945 at Castle Donnington. He has been and still is heavily involved in the St John Ambulance Brigade and is a Freeman of the City of London. Mr Theobald-Hicks belongs to both the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the Venerable Order of St John, He currently is a Junior Warden of the Worshipful Company of Scriveners. Barry joins the British Monarchists Society as Vice Patron and Patron Liaison for the society.  

Anna-Maria Galojan
Membership Services Officer

Anna-Maria Golojan, a well known London based political analyst and adviser, has long been an admirer of the British Monarchy, its history, and the stability it has offered the United Kingdom over many generations. With degrees in political science, international relations, and diplomacy from the University of Tartu, Estonia, and the Estonian School of Diplomacy, Anna-Maria relocated to London where she has built an extensive network of contacts within the diplomatic community, public relations, and commercial intelligence companies of London, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Sophia Greenblat
Press Officer

Sophia joined the BMS in 2018 and is the current Press Officer. After spending her early life in multiple countries, she came to the UK to study Politics at UCL. She now works in a private Westminster firm as Communications and Campaign Assistant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Christine Fajana
Events Officer

Ms. Christine O. Fajana is the Events Officer of the British Monarchists Society. Living in Essex and working in the London Borough of Newham, Christine studied LLB Law and possesses a Masters in Law and Finance from the University of East London. Christine is proud of her British Nigerian heritage and enjoys travelling, playing tennis, cooking, socialising, decorating (everything) and especially loves singing. 

Jack Rydeheard
Parliamentary Liason

Jack is from a legal background, and is the Parliamentary Liaison Officer for the British Monarchists Society. He has a large amount of experience in working on and running political campaigns, on a number of different platforms and issues. In his spare time he takes a deep interest in watching and partaking in sport, and has a great passion for languages.

Aleksandra Turner
Community Outreach Officer
Aleksandra currently work as a Senior Officer for Joy Morrissey MP, PPS to the FCO. She leads political and marketing campaigns, worked in general management and contract management. She also spearheaded several resident initiatives in architectural and horticultural conservation, crime prevention as well as fundraising. “I love our country, strive for the preservation of traditional values and the Christian faith as well as the Monarchy in general and her Majesty in particular.”


Daniel Mcilhiney
Branch Liaison Officer

Daniel Mcilhiney has been involved in politics, in the UK and USA, since the beginning of the Brexit referendum. He has worked as a political consultant, PR consultant and political commentator. Daniel also serves as the Society’s non-denomination religious representative.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Georgina le may

As part of the BMS photographic team, my parner Fred and I work regularly for several heritage and cultural organisations, covering a variety of different events including meetings and weddings. Our photos are frequently published on the BMS website, in another organisation’s quarterly magazine and further appear on the websites of other clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Fred Pearson

Georgina and I have been together for several years; regularly working for several organisations, covering events such as parades, receptions, banquets, AGMs and the occasional wedding. Our photos are frequently published in one organisation’s quarterly magazine and often appear on the website of other clients. I am proud to be a part of the official BMS photographic team.                                                                                                                                      

Matthew Groves

Matthew Groves blogs for the British Monarchist Society.  He has written articles over the years for a number of societies and thinktanks such as Respublica, Conservative Home, the Critic Magazine, and Free Market Conservatives.  Matthew is completing a research degree in theology at King’s College London.  Prior to that he stood for Parliament in Plymouth, served as a councillor in Surrey for eight years and worked for the Church of England’s Parliamentary Unit.  Matthew is a committed Royalist and patriot.