The British Monarchists Society

The Passport to Britannia

The British Monarchist Society’s “Passport to Britannia” has been carefully constructed to bring you the best of Britain wrapped into your membership. Always innovating and employing the latest technologies, The British Monarchist Society has partnered with The West End Club, formerly the Regent Street Association, to bring you a membership scheme unlike any other.  As a member of the BMS, your membership of the West End Club will be tailored to your specific interests through your own membership portal and dashboard where your electronic West End Club membership card will always be with you and at your fingertips allowing you to enjoy:

  • Exclusive discounts to the biggest brands in the West End
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Generous freebie giveaways 
  • Regular updates with the latest activity

With hundreds of hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions at your disposal, in addition to our list of quality affiliates, The British Monarchists Society and the West End Club bring you a highly exclusive members only experience as a valued member of the BMS. Along with your Society membership card, you will receive all he necessary information to log into your very own West End Club portal, obtain your membership number and begin using your virtual membership anywhere within the West End Bid areas of Regent Street, Oxford Street and Bond Street. Hundreds of special discounts, offers, and savings await you as a member of the British Monarchists Society. 

The “Passport to Britannia” including the West End Club is directly linked to each qualifying BMS Members’ membership number and online portal. This exclusive membership scheme is automatically available to Sapphire members, but can also be taken advantage of by our Pearl and Ruby members as well for a nominal fee. In addition to the West End Club, the British Monarchist Society has developed a strong and intricate network of restaurants, hotels, shops and attractions which are working exclusively with the us to bring you more benefits, offers, discounts and savings associated with your membership. Working closely with our affiliates, BMS members can enjoy reduced admission to our list of attractions, discounts and specials at our participating restaurants, discounts at shopping venues on our affiliates list, as well as a plethora of other members only benefits and discounts. Using your membership card to its maximum potential through our “Passport” programme, you are guaranteed to experience the best that London has to offer, whilst providing savings above and beyond  the initial cost of your annual membership. As a member of the British Monarchist Society only you can participate in this exclusive savings programme which is not only your official BMS membership card, but your Passport to Britannia! Please see our affiliates list below, as well as their special offers exclusively for Passport to Britannia members.

GDPR DISCLAIMER: BMS Members will be registered with the West End Club and Victoria Bid as BMS affiliates that “provide goods and services to BMS members upon acquiring membership with the BMS”. Therefore, only BMS member names and email addresses will be provided to the the West End Club and Victoria Bid administrations for the purposes of updates and important member information which will benefit our members, and further make members aware of new participants and further savings.

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