08 March 2021



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601 International House, W1B 2QD

From the Communications Office

08 March 2021


Subject: Oprah/Sussex Interview

The British Monarchists Society finds the Oprah/Sussex interview to be shocking with explosive accusations that could in fact be very damaging to the Royal family if proven to be true. We remain astute in not only how The Duke and Duchess carry on from this interview, but also as to how the Palace will respond to such direct and damaging allegations. The British Monarchists Society stands in support and defence of the British Royal family and its members.

The way in which certain allegations, or revelations, have been announced is an abhorrent affront to the dignity and privacy of the Royal family. Despite what may, or may not have happened between members of the Royal family, the Society sees this as a private family matter and will not comment on this situation further until Buckingham Palace releases a statement on behalf of Her Majesty, the Queen, or other if members of the Royal family feel the need to publicly address this terrible invasion of the Royal family’s privacy. 


FOR RELEASE 09:00 GMT 08 March 2021