22 September 2022

Express features BMS Founder: Majority of Brits believe Queen should be referred to as "Elizabeth the Great".


The Express features BMS Founder: The majority of Brits believe the late Queen should be referred to as “Elizabeth the Great”.

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, founder and director of the British Monarchists Society, also backed the designation for the late monarch, who celebrated her historic Platinum Jubilee milestone this year.

He said: “The recent poll in favour of ‘Elizabeth the Great’ will only continue to tick upwards in favour as we carry on into the new reign of King Charles III. “As we reflect on Her Late Majesty’s reign and all that she was able to do it becomes quite clear that Elizabeth II was ‘great’. “Her dedication to duty, her people, and to her deep-rooted faith were small components of what made her the greatest statesperson of modern times. “We fully support the poll results and hope Elizabeth II will become known as ‘Elizabeth the Great’.”