The British Monarchists Society

State Visits, and the role of the monarchy: an essential part of this country’s diplomacy?

Q: Why are State Visits, and particularly the role the monarchy, still an essential part of this country’s diplomacy?

A: The Role Her Majesty plays is simple that of the state personified in all its glory and grandeur – symbolic of this nation’s place in the world and as a global “influencer” on the world stage. Britain still rules the world in terms of “soft power” ans this is very important when we look in terms of diplomacy. Non one sells this nation better than The Queen and the Windsor family – they do what is needed and pave the way through grand receptions and dinners to secure inward investments in the tens if not hundreds of billions of pounds each year. This is easily achieved when our Head of State happens to be the most well recognised and mot popular woman in the world, with a very famous family brand behind her.

The role of the Monarchy is very much to support, celebrate, honour and unite the people of this nation. It is an institution which is steeped in 1,000 years of our national story, to which these traditions not only identify who we are as a nation, but further excite, promote and intrigue the outside world. The Monarchy is the most famous in the world, one that belongs to sixteen different nations in total with a single shared Head of State – The Queen. The Monarchy is intrinsically British, representative of our core values and mindful of our traditions. This is what the world knows us for, and the people feel comfortable knowing that the sense of continuity and familiarity they feel when think of the Monarchy, brings them a sense of calm in an otherwise chaotic world. Doing business with the Monarch, who has been known and loved all of her life, makes transaction seem simple, easy and dignified. This process has worked for us for hundreds of years, and it still continues to do so.