1 July 2013

Spoof report about the new Royal Baby


BMS Chairman, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, was caught out in a spoof report by Comedian Dave Hill of Comedy Central and Funny or Die productions. Operating under the guise of BBC America to get such contributions from The Lord Mayor of Windsor and many other notable people for this report, our own Chairman worked long and hard preparing for what we thought was going to be a serious and in-depth report. Several hours of preparation, review, etc was undertaken in expectation of a top-shelf, first-class report on the “Royal Baby”. Instead, what we see is a severely cut, edited and spliced report to take the biscuit out of our celebrations to celebrate the birth of our new Royal Baby, HRH Prince George. Click here to view this spoof report or on the photo link above.

  • The British Monarchist Society does not endorse or agree with the sentiments of, actions of, or wording used by the commentator in this video. The Society further and most certainly does not condone the underhanded way in which they made the remarks of our Chairman seem ignorant, vapid, or clueless in terms of the subject on which he is speaking. In all, this interview conducted with Thomas was over two and a half hours long which generated but a few short moments of time within this spoof documentary. However, we can see the humour in this “spoof” report for NBQ TV.