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Her Majesty’s Guards: The Five Division of Foot Framed Art

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An image of 5 brothers in arms, the full line-up side by side of Her Majesty’s Five Divisions of Foot. Each guardsman is proudly positioned in line next to their colleagues of other regiments, which reinforces the strong connections to, and the history of their regiments and the nation, whilst dressed in their ceremonial finery resplendent in their differences of plumes and button groupings. This respectful image evokes feelings of pride, reflection, and symbolism, intertwined with the long association of royal history between the Monarch and every individual soldier who has worn this uniform over the centuries. Crafted from fine British materials and made in the United Kingdom.


2. PRINTED PAPER LIGHT GOLD PARCHMENT 175grams (Certificate Grade)

4. SIZE A4 FRAME (34cm/25cm)


6. £19.99 plus P&P

The Guards are active members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces who have seen active duty in foreign conflicts such as in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. The Guards are also called on domestically in times of disasters: fires, floods, as well as civil duties such as helping to put the 2012 Olympic Game back on track when the Games security fell short and threatened the opening ceremonies. Within the last 18-months the Guards have been on the front line in the country’s fight against Covid-19. Serving Crown and Country is not a modern notion as they have been doing it since the Reformation.

The association between the British Army’s five divisions of foot has a rich and long history dating back to the restoration of the English Monarchy under Charles II. As 2022 is an historic and celebratory year in British history, you can celebrate British Military history during this historic Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year by honouring Her Majesty’s five Divisions of Foot. Each image has been respectfully designed and intricately created, using only the highest quality products available, with fine materials sourced and produced within the United Kingdom. These iconic images of the Kingdoms’ most well known soldiers, and the great celebration, history, and symbolism attached to them, are instantly recognisable not only to the British public, but hundreds of millions around the world. Each striking image depicts a different division of Her Majesty’s footguards, complete with their regimental markings such as colours, the placement of plumes, badges, and individual groupings of buttons which are different for each division, a fact that each regiment is very proud of. Knowing the divisions of foot means knowing their iconic differences – It’s all to do with their buttons and plumes!
Each regimental division of foot is honoured through the image of a solitary soldier which not only represents a regiment, but each corner of and country within the United Kingdom. Proudly positioned between the two most well-known hymns of their country, reinforcing the strong connections to and history of their respective countries within the nation, each soldier dressed in their ceremonial finery casts respectful, yet resonating feelings of pride, reflection, and symbolism intertwined with the long association of royal history between Monarch and every individual soldier who has worn these uniforms over the centuries:
  1. The Grenadier Guards
  2. The Scots Guards
  3. The Welsh Guards
  4. The Irish Guards (Sold Out)
  5. The Coldstream Guards
The Guards in numbers, whether they are serving, veterans or passed; together with their families and supporters (people like you and me), make up a very small number of overall individuals as compared to the huge interest they create both within the United Kingdom and abroad. Her Majesty’s five Divisions of Foot are word-famous not only for their fine style, scarlet tunics, black bear-sin hats, and their precision military training, but more so for the pomp, pageantry and military history associated with their long standing association reaching back to Charles II.
No matter which nation within the Kingdom you hail from or whatever country you live in around the world, these individual works of art are perfect for collectors of militaria, gifting to members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, or family members of those who are serving or have served, participating in the Platinum Jubilee, honouring the Armed Forces, or showing pride in your family history from which corner of the United Kingdom you are from.
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