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The British Monarchists Society has different categories of products for sale to help fund our educational campaigns and endeavours. From Christmas Cards to Facemasks, with more products on the way, purchasing from the shop not only provides an outlet for shoppers to show their pride in being a Monarchist, but gives consumers great quality products which are both useful and stylish. We value your custom and provide real-time postage quotes via Royal Mail. We are sure you will be delighted with the products on offer and have purchased! 

God Bless You Ma’am

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God Bless You Ma’am

Elizabeth II


Designed, digitally mastered, and hand finished in the UK. All materials sourced from UK based businesses.

  • Framed – Wood effect, no glass.
  • Dimensions – A4 (34cm/25cm)
  • Printed – Paper, Parchment ,175grams light gold certificate grade paper.
  • Wood – Silhouette is lasered and hand painted.
  • Hand-finished in Gold
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We here at the British Monarchists Society are proud to present our members, and visitors to this site, an outlet to showcase their pride in the United Kingdom, as well as support for Her Majesty, the Queen, by providing bespoke, limited edition products which are sure to bring a smile to any royalist’s face, covered or not! Every purchase from our shop front helps to fund our various campaigns and activities which are designed to further education about The Crown within the nation. Your support is what keeps us moving forward!