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Frosty The Guardsman (8 pack)

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A pack of eight premium quality luxury Christmas cards, with envelopes, depicting The Household Division Guards at “Buckhouse” during the festive Christmas season. Packaged in a recycled poly-prop self-adhesive protective covering, these Royal themed Christmas cards are sure to evoke that special Christmas feeling one wishes to convey at this festive time of year.

The image captures the artists representation of a member of each of the five divisions of footguards building a snowman together, symbolising the comradery and brotherhood these guards experience not only during their service, but after they leave. Despite the well known rivalry between each division, the guards come together to build their own festive version of a guardsman in Buckingham Palace’s quadrangle, resplendent in a scarf in the colours of the Union Flag, with the Victoria Memorial seen in the background.
This card design is complete with a brief history of the five Divisions of Footguards and a small narrative explaining the design of, and thought behind the image which is printed on the inside cover. A standard Christmas greeting appears opposite, with the organisation name, artist and designers noted on the reverse. The sale of this pack of luxury cards benefits the British Monarchists Society and the work the undertake to promote, defend and educate about the British Crown.
Cards: 8
Envelopes: 8
Collectible artist signed and numbered print available: Yes – please email [email protected] for sizes and pricing.
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