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EIIR: The Platinum Record, A Jubilee Anthem – Limited Luxury Edition

The Platinum Jubilee Anthem CD comes complete in its own bespoke 6-panel folding cover bearing the Platinum Jubilee logo, with a Certificate of Authenticity and signed by the artists: Lesley Garrett CBE, Rodney Earl Clarke, Dr. Olga Thomas, Anton Van Der Mere, and Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills.

Limited to only 70 CDs, with CD number 1 presented to Her Majesty, this commemorative Platinum Jubilee 6-panel folding presentation CD cover includes the lyrics of both tracks, as well as a never before seen photo of HM The Queen taken by BMS Founder and project visionary, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills.

Contains the tracks:

  1. We Thank You From Our Hearts – composed by Anton Van Der Mere, who also co-produced the track with Etienne Lane and co-wrote the lyrics with Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills. The song features steel drums of the Caribbean, the Didgeridoo of Australia, Hindi, Maori, and Swahili chants among other regional music flavours that reference the various countries of the British Commonwealth.
  2. Th Four British Nations – was composed by private Royal composer to the Royal family, Dr. Olga Thomas-Bosovskaya, and produced by Robert Emery with lyrics by Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills.

On 21 April, The Platinum Album was released to the public via music streaming platforms worldwide. Both songs on the album debuted at #1 and #2 on the iTunes Classical Music chart in the UK. The album debuted at #27 on the iTunes UK Top 100 Albums chart.

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