5 June 2021

Princess Anne Military Appointments: More Media Mentions


Several media outlets (23 additional) have featured the British Monarchists Society within their reports on how Princess Anne is one of the “hardest-working” members of the Royal Family. The founder of the British Monarchists Society added that she is married to the “military man” Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence and her “no nonsense” attitude is “what the military is about”. He told the Daily Star: “Princess Anne is very happy where she is: she’s not one for fuss, just like her father.  “She’s time after time considered the hardest working member of the Royal Family. The article was originally a feature for the Daily Star, to which the Founder built upon the themes of Military Patronages, Princess Anne, her reputation amongst the forces and also those patronages left by the death of her father, and those abandoned by her nephew. Each media outlet has carried a quote by the organisation in regard to this topic. Please click on the respective logos of each media outlet below to read the articles in full.