The British Monarchists Society

Prince Philip No-show at Cenotaph 2019

The British Monarchists Society would like to address the reports in the news surrounding the absence of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh from the Remembrance ceremony held at the Cenotaph, Whitehall, London on Remembrance Sunday. It is not out of the ordinary when someone retires, that they would no longer attend events, meetings and functions from a place they used to work, thus the same can be expected for members of the Royal family, whom have “retired”. When Prince Philip made the nation aware of his retirement due to advanced age, it was stated and expected then that he would no longer attend any official functions or events on behalf of The Crown and/or the Queen. As Remembrance Sunday is an official ceremony of State for the Monarchy and Royal family, the nation should not expect to see Prince Philip in attendance as he has retired from his Royal duties.

Many say that he should attend to support the Queen, however there are many other members of the Royal family present to support Her Majesty in her varying activities of State. There have been reports that Prince Philip’s health is a primary reason that he has not attended the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Cenotaph, but his health, no matter in be good or poorly, has nothing to do with his absence on Remembrance Sunday. The fact of the matter is that His Royal Highness has retired, has made it clear that he will not attend further events, ceremonies or official functions of State, and that must be respected and accepted. The nation, especially the nation’s media, needs to accept that Prince Philip will no longer be seen at such events and should stop publishing speculative gossip stories and fake news, when the truth at hand is that this man, who has been by the Queen’s side for over 70 years, has retired from the firm and deserves to live his life without further burden from the people, the media or The Crown.