The British Monarchists Society

Paying for Baby Sussex?

Q: What would the BMS say to those who argue the taxpayer should not have to pay for the baby?

A: We would completely agree with them, as the taxpayer does not fund any aspect of this child. The household of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has its official expenditure covered by Clarence House, which operates from The Prince of Wales’ private landholdings through the Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy is not owned by the public and the portfolio is that of The Prince of Wales. Prince Harry is a millionaire in is own right after what he was left by the premature death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Meghan herself is a Hollywood celebrity and millionaire – there is no reason why, and no reason for, the public to pay any money towards the birth of this baby, simply because public funds do not pay for baby Sussex. The only aspect which is a cost to the public, would be to town and city councils for security surrounding the hospital, the Royal estate etc., where there may be deep media and public interest surrounding the birth. This birth is very different than that of those of the Duke and Duchess of Cambride, solely for the fact that Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex have chosen to be quite low-key and private. Therefore, by doing so, security has not been needed for days on end with people camping outside of a hospital, comings and going of other Royals to and from said hospital etc. The Sussex family already live well within a very secure estate, thus keeping external security costs to a minimum. Where ever there are celebrities and people of interest, let alone royals, there is always a cost of security involved which is covered by the taxpayer – this is a fact, no matter country we live in. The UK, America, France, Germany and all nations always have a security expense when members of the family of the Head of State are involved in any movements within the public sphere.