13 March 2021



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From the Communications Office

13 March 2021

Subject: Our Royal Family is not Racist


The British Monarchists Society stands behind the collective Royal family and the belief that the British Royal family is not racist. The Society applauds the candid comments of HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge in defending his family and the institution of the monarchy as, “Very much not a racist family”. The British Monarchists Society is saddened that such an accusation has been made by two members of the Royal family itself, and will further monitor the ongoing dispute brought to light by the recent interview between The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Ms. Oprah Winfrey. Accusations of racism directed at the core of our nation’s most inviting, inclusive, and representative institution can not, and must not be taken lightly.  
As Her Majesty is the Head of State of 16 nations, and Head of The Commonwealth of Nations representing 54 countries in total, to which the overwhelming majority of the population is not white, it would be impossible for Her Majesty to carry out her duties as Queen, as well as the members of the family that represent her and her position, to do so in any manner if this were to be the case. The Royal family serves each and every citizen equally, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation etc. To believe for one moment that an apolitical and unifying institution that represents each nation equally in the modern era would hold or possess such thoughts of racism is preposterous. Her Majesty and each member of her family for decades has met with, visited, invited, entertained, and spent time privately with people of colour – certainly not the actions of a family who would be racist at their core. 
As the dust settles from the recent Oprah expose, it will come to light that many of the assertions made by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will eventually be outed as weak and fabricated at best. The British Monarchists Society continues to assess the Oprah interview with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to which the organisation is continuously fact-checking and find anomalies in the narrative that The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have created. With any comment made about skin colour by a member of the Royal family, in relation to Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, it is very easy for any subject which can be seen as touchy, to be mistaken and misconstrued. Considering the holes which have appeared in the story of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the lack of evidence provided, or willing to be provided by the Royal couple, The British Monarchists Society is also of the belief that “recollections may vary” as stated by the Palace. 
It should be noted that no one member of The British Monarchists Society, or the general public, were present with the Royal family at the time of said occurrences within the narrative of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Therefore, any understanding or outline of private family events that have taken place within the Royal family are being exposed strictly on the terms and conditions, created and set forth, by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex themselves. The side of the story being presented by the Royal couple to the media without the truth and understanding of events as seen, observed, and experienced by the remaining members of the Royal family itself, should cause a deep level of concern for anyone who has watched or listened to the interview. There are always two sides to each story and unfortunately we have only been given one side, which at best is a betrayal of privacy for the Royal family in whole.
The British Monarchists Society is of the impression that private current events within the Royal family, aired around the world in a tell all interview, are of a private family matter between a disenchanted in law, a disgruntled member of the Royal family, and the overall workings of the family itself. We are indeed saddened and in disbelief of such actions made by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It is with hope that an amicable and private resolution can be found within the Royal family to sort out said differences and move forward as one united family unit. 


FOR RELEASE 09:00 GMT 13 March 2021