Our Patrons

The British Monarchists Society engages those within the political sphere as well as those close to the workings of The Crown. With a vast number of supporters within Her Majesty’s Government, in addition to those who hold a function within the day-to-day activities of British life, The Crown, and the British Monarchy, the Society enjoys Patronage from a wide range of individuals listed below. Together we are able to achieve and advance support for The Crown and our associated campaigns designed with Crown & Country in mind.


In Memoriam

In memory of our Founding Parliamentarian and Core Patron, Sir David Amess MP. Your support for this organisation and the works undertaken with us to defend, protect, and advance The Crown, will always and forever be remembered. Your friendship will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace Sir David.

“The hills are shadows, and they flow From form to form, and nothing stands; They melt like mist, the solid lands, Like clouds they shape themselves and go.”

– Lord Tennyson –

Our Core Patrons

His Highness, Prince Mario Max of Schaumburg-Lippe


Sir David Amess MP

13 GSM Vern Stokes

WO1 Garrison Sergeant Major, Andrew 'Vern' Stokes, Coldstream Guards


The Baroness Foster of Oxton DBE



Three Cheers for Her Majesty the Queen as the army’s loudest voice calls Royal Salute. 

A Royal Salute to Her Majesty will launched the flotilla on its extraordinary route down the Thames, when - courtesy of Garrison Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class 1) Bill Mott - the most powerful voice in the British Army shouts out the words of command from Battersea Park River Bank.  Bill, a familiar sight at ceremonial events in London, is the most senior Warrant Officer in the British Army, responsible for ensuring immaculate turn out and top military standards in London’s formal parades. It will be Bill’s task to call the four hundred strong ‘Manpower Squadron’ rowing vessels to order as Her Majesty embarks onto the Royal Barge ‘Spirit of Chartwell’. Barking out the Words of Command devised specially for this unique occasion, Bill’s powerful voice will call all crews to cease rowing, and raise their oars in a Royal Salute to Her Majesty. Bill will then order Three Cheers to Her Majesty before ordering the Manpower Squadron to row on. Commenting on this unique honour, Bill said: “I’m thrilled to be asked to take on this huge responsibility. While used to shouting out commands on parades, this will be a new experience for me to order a Rowing Contingent to give a Royal Salute!” Bill is the senior Warrant Officer of the British Army, responsible for some of the most spectacular State ceremonial over the last decade, including the Royal Wedding last year and the recent Muster at Windsor.

WO1 MOTT: BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS Responsible for State Ceremonial military standards during all such events in London, WO1 Mott ensures that all military personnel are correctly positioned and understand their part in Ceremonial events. Garrison Sergeant Major William Mott OBE, is the senior Warrant Officer of the British Army, and is responsible for some of the most spectacular State ceremonial over the last decade.  He was presented with an historic Warrant Officer’s Badge of rank just in time for the Royal Wedding. The badge revives the original one made for Sergeant Majors appointed to the Court of King William IV in the early 19th Century. It incorporates the Royal Coat of Arms worn by selected Warrant Officers Class 1 of  The Household Division, placed over four chevrons sewn in gold thread, the traditional badge of the Sergeant Major. The Badge was commissioned by Major General Bill Cubitt CBE, Major General Commanding the Household Division, before being approved by HM The Queen Garrison Sergeant Major Bill Mott enlisted into the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards in April 1979.  He has served with the Battalion in Belize, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Kenya Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Jordan, Malaysia and USA.  He has completed operational tours of Northern Ireland and served in the Falklands during the 1982 conflict.  He has served as an instructor at the Guards Depot and at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as a Colour Sergeant, Company Sergeant Major and as a Regimental Sergeant Major.

WO1Garrison Sergeant Major William "Billy" D.G. Mott, OBE, MVO (Ret) Welsh Guards

Rob Kennedy

Royal Chef Sandhurst

Our Arts Patrons

Dr. Olga Thomas

Royal Composer


Ryan Wallace

The opera guy

Rupert Everett 2

Rupert Everett



Joanna Forest

UK Soprano

Our House of Lords Patrons

The Earl of Shrewsbury

The Earl of Shrewsbury DL

The Lord Rana MBE

The Lord Rana MBE

The Lord Selkirk of Douglas

The Lord Selkirk of Douglas PC, QC


The Rt Hon. The Lord Tebbitt

Baroness Foster

The Baroness Foster of Oxon DBE

Our House of Commons Patrons

Dr. Lisa Cameron

Dr. Lisa Cameron MP

Andrew Gwynn

Andrew Gwynn MP

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

Sir Jeff Donaldson MP

Ian Paisley Jr.

Ian Paisley Jr. MP

Jim Shannon

Jim Shannon MP

James Cleaverly MP

James Cleverly MP

Nigel Adams

Nigel Adams MP

Nickie Aiken

Nickie Aiken MP

Stuart Andrew

Stuart Andrew MP

Gareth Bacon

Gareth Bacon MP

Bob Blackman

Bob Blackman MP

Peter Bone

Peter Bone MP

Paul Bristow

Paul Bristow MP

Robert Buckland

Robert Buckland MP

Dr. James Davies

Dr. James Davies MP

Philip Davies

Philip Davies MP

Steve Double

Steve Double MP

Nigel Evans

Nigel Evans MP

Mark Francois

Mark Francois MP

Daniel Kawczynski

Daniel Kawczynski MP

Sir Roger Gale

Sir Roger Gale MP

Sally-Ann Hart

Sally-Ann Hart MP

Andrew Rosindell MP

Andrew Rosindell MP

Kevin Hollinrake MP

Kevin Hollinrake MP

Nick Fletcher MP

Nick Fletcher MP

Pauline Latham OBE

Pauline Latham OBE MP

Sir Edward Leigh

Sir Edward Leigh MP

Chris Loder

Chris Loder MP

Marco Longhi MP

Marco Longhi MP

Tim Loughton

Tim Loughton MP

Craig Mackinlay

Craig Mackinlay MP

Jason McCartney MP

Jason McCartney MP


Stephen Metcalfe MP

Damien Moore MP

Damien Moore MP

James Morris MP

James Morris MP

Sheryll Murray

Sheryll Murray MP

Carolina Nokes MP

Caroline Nokes MP

Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Miriam Cates MP

Miriam Cates MP

Andrew Selous MP

Andrew Selous MP

Alec Shelbrooke MP

Alec Shelbrooke MP

Mark Spencer MP

Mark Spencer MP

Sir Desmond Swayne

Sir Desmond Swayne MP

Martin Vickers MP

Martin Vickers MP

john hayes

John Hayes MP

Bob Stewart MP2

Bob Stewart MP

Scott Benton MP

Scott Benton MP

Douglas Ross MP

Douglas Ross MP

Simon Baynes MP

Simon Baynes MP

Gary Sambrook MP

Gary Sambrook MP

Peter Gibson MP

Peter Gibson MP

Rob Roberts MP

Rob Roberts MP

Friends of the society

Michel Ellis MP

Michael Ellis MP

liam fox

Dr. Liam Fox MP

Andrea Leadsom

Andrea Leadsom MP

Robin Walker

Robin Walker MP

All photos above relating to Patrons of the British Monarchists Society from both The House of Lords and The House of Commons, with certain photos of Core Patrons, are released under an Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license. Each photo of our Patrons appears on the Parliament website for the individual named. No changes have been made to anyone’s photograph, and each photograph appears in its original format as acquired. The license associated with the redistribution of said photographs can be found HERE