The British Monarchists Society

Our Beliefs

We believe in a system of government that is not strictly politically based, which is anchored by a monarch, whereas under a strictly political system we will never be one people; divided by our politics and partisan ideals. A Monarch placed in a Constitutional Monarchy weaves together the fibres of our society in a politically neutral atmosphere, thus providing the fabric which has become our nation.

We believe that we are one people under our Monarch regardless of party affiliation, colour, gender, religion, etc.. As one people we honour and respect those institutions that have shaped our history and have made us equal under the crown, sharing one history, one nation, one future, and most of all one Monarch. Our civic duty to our nation is to be informed and educated about our government, its workings, its components, and its atmosphere; to never be complacent such as we as a nation have become.

We believe that complacency has led to weakening of the very institutions that we as a nation identify with and have depended on to see us through the good and bad times we have endured. Now is the time to re-energise ourselves, to rediscover our roots, and learn again what is so unique and special about us as a people, as a government and as a nation. Now is the time to stand up and vocalise that our Monarch is the one who exemplifies who we are as a people, what we believe in, and what we feel as a united nation.

We believe that our Monarch is the personification of the State, an example for us all to follow. In our endeavour to educate people about the importance and relevance of the Monarchy in our modern society, the British Monarchist Society can further help preserve and protect the institution of Constitutional Monarchy from any further decay, where future generations of Britons can understand, enjoy and be proud of our greatest institution. For centuries the outside world has seen Britain as a model of government, culture and society. Other countries have fashioned their governments and courts after ours, retained our Monarch as their Head of State, fashioned their cities and infrastructures using us as a model, and have retained English as their official languages when they had others to choose from.

We believe that we have influenced the globe throughout our history. We have stood alone in our darkest days where we as a people banded together to fight a common enemy. In the dark we turned to our sovereign to lift our spirits and light our lives, where in the light our sovereign is the pinnacle of national mood and feeling. As time has passed, we are now identified with Big Ben, red phone boxes, and black taxis, along with other notable landmarks, but none as important or colourful as our Monarchy.