The British Monarchists Society

  1. The British Monarchists Society seeks to Support Tradition, Promote Heritage, Defend the Crown and Advanced Education, in which we are dedicated to promoting and fostering education growth throughout the United Kingdom and the Realms. We seek to inspire the children of tomorrow through their education today. In embracing these ideas together with our heritage and culture through education, the BMS is investing in our future throughout our brotherhood of nations for a brighter and more learned future for us all.

  2. We aim to provide a voice for monarchists in the media and elsewhere – and in doing so fill a silent void that has existed over many decades. This will include representing monarchists in the media – such as on radio broadcasts and television debates. We endeavour to proudly represent monarchists and provide an active campaign in favour of Constitutional Monarchy and against republicanism.

  3. We aim to challenge the media and to combat fallacies, misrepresentation and misreporting of the Royal Family and the Monarchy. We will campaign against bias and inaccurate reporting that is propagated by a Republican minority.

  4. We contact and lobby Members of Parliament, Her Majesty’s Government, Councils and other Officials as part of our campaign in order to ensure that the importance of our Monarchy to the nation is fully recognised.

  5. We will challenge ignorance and misinformation about Constitutional Monarchy through education. This will include informative articles by our executives and members, a formal education programme and the dispelling of inaccurate republican propaganda.

  6. We provide a community for people interested in our Monarchy, its history and its place in a modern state. As well as serving as a forum for monarchists to congregate and share their interest to be a part of the campaign, we further hold meetings and events to mark special occasions and celebrate our national heritage.

  7. We keep supporters up-to-date with recent Royal events and developments and to highlight the invaluable service of the Royal Family to our country in all aspects of Society, philanthropy, and the Military.

  8. We will promote the value of the Realms and Commonwealth nations along with the close relationship they enjoy with the United Kingdom. The BMS is a part of a wider and growing community of organisations across the Commonwealth Realms that campaign in favour of constitutional monarchy.