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We are happy to provide this special, complimentary, and comprehensive portal for the world’s pupils, with respect to all of their queries which may be related to the British monarchy and its position within the sixteen nations of which The Queen is Head of State. Within the BMS Student Portal, pupils can find:

  • Answers to the most intriguing questions as to why the United Kingdom is a monarchy.
  • Facts and statistics which may help assist in the writing of reports and term papers.
  • Links to special reports and articles about the Monarchy.
  • Counterpoints and support arguments as to why the United Kingdom should not become a republic.
  • Links to polls and graphs surrounding the monarchy and public opinion.

Secondary, College and University students often contact the British Monarchists Society to help assist them with answers to questions they have regarding the Monarchy, The Crown and the place of the institution within a modern 21st-century world. When students contact us with queries and the need for understanding of certain Royal themed subjects, the BMS is happy to help! Whether it be for a term paper, dissertation, debate or in-depth studies papers, we have taken the time to further assist with the content below, in which we answer the most frequent questions which have been asked over the past many years we have been helping to educate about and promote the facts relating to Constitutional Monarchy, The Royal family, The Queen, The Crown and the British Monarchy in general.

If you are a student and need more information than what you find below, please contact:

Note: The information on this website and within this portal are complimentary educational tools to help pupils understand the United Kingdom better, with respect to the Monarchy. Should any pupil use any answers or information from this Student Portal, the BMS would appreciate knowing that you have sourced this portal and have found it to be helpful. We would also ask that any answers used from this portal be credited within your work. The BMS would very much like to hear from you and read your reports, dissertations and term papers, should you wish to share them with us. Perhaps we will even feature your reports here to help other students!

The most frequently proposed questions to the BMS by students:


Royal Finances & The Crown Estate

Royal finances are a vast oasis of intrigue, understanding and preconceived assumptions in an otherwise confusing and multi-layered equation as to how The Palace is funded. What if we told you that what you think you know is true, is n fact untrue and unfounded? What would you say if we told you that the British Monarchy is not funded by the tax-generating efforts of the government and that the only contribution to the cost of the Monarchy would be for security? Would you believe this? We hope so because this is the truth!

The best articles and resources which truly outline what the Royal family is valued at in terms of financial value to the country, how The Crown and the Royal family are funded etc, can be found on the links below.

Please note that further information about Royal finances can be found under the “Education” tab on our website with the heading “Royal Finances”.


Polls & Statistics

Top polling organisations such as YouGov and Ipsos MORI have conducted numerous polls over the decades, monitoring public thought, support and belief in the institution of Monarchy and the Royals themselves. Please click here to be brought to our “Proof in the Polls” page for polls, statistics and graphs regarding public attitudes towards the Crown in the UK.

The UK – A Republic

Many students are interested in writing papers and completing projects which centre around the United Kingdom becoming a republic and why the British Monarchists Society does not endorse or think this to be a viable option for the nation. To learn more about why the BMS does not believe in a republic for Britain, and to also see the arguments against this, please visit our section on republic by clicking here.