24 June 2021

New Statesman: BMS, State Portrait, Joy Morrissey MP receive anti-English rant


New Statesman has ranted against the British Monarchists Society, Core Patron Joy Morrissey MP, the BMS State Portrait Project and anything English, stating:

The Westminster Tories seem set instead on insulting our intelligence. That preposterous song is only the most egregious example. There are good reasons Scots –including, I suspect, most unionists – don’t want to sing “God Save the Queen” at sporting occasions. This London-centric determination to enforce a celebratory patriotism on the weakening British identity is doomed to failure. What are we to make of the campaign by the Conservative MP Joy Morrissey and the British Monarchists Society to “put a portrait of Her Majesty in every home, company, and institution that would like one”? It can’t just be Scots who have an allergic reaction to this kind of boosterish tripe. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE