19 September 2022

My London News quotes BMS Founder: Queen's funeral - What happens to Camilla's children now she is officially the Queen Consort


My London News quotes BMS Founder: Queen’s funeral – What happens to Camilla’s children now she is officially the Queen Consort?

The Queen’s daughter Laura Lopes is an art curator and shares three children with her husband and former Calvin Klein model Harry Lopes, Eliza, 14, and twin boys Gus and Louis, both 12. With their individual careers, and despite the success both have enjoyed the two children have both been careful not to throw around their links to the royal family, as Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, founder of the British Monarchists Society told the i:

“They have always been their own people despite who their mother was dating and eventually married. They have not used that royal connection as a tool to better themselves and this is why they’ve been able to fly under the radar to have very private lives. Because they have not capitalised on any sort of royal status, they have been able to enjoy that individuality.”

Thomas continues: “They might be invited to functions now that their mother is going to be Queen, but they will not be undertaking any sort of official engagement or be asked to do anything which would mean them representing the British Crown. “It is only blood royals that can and will be representing the Crown. Even though they are inclusive in the family, they are not related to the Royal Family.” So will the two children get any new titles or roles now that their mother is Queen Consort? The answer is most likely not as, despite their mum’s position, they technically do not have royal blood.