The British Monarchists Society

Monarchy: A Waste to Tax-payers

Q: Many say that the Monarchy is a waste of tax-payers money – what do you think of this?

A: The every day person in the street has no understanding of the daily function of or expense attributed to the “tax-payer”. The general public is very much ill educated on Royal finances and where the funding is derived from. The Monarchy itself is not taxpayer funded. The only expense from the public purse is really security which any Head of State would receive regardless of the nation in which they serve. The Monarch and her family also top-up expenses from their own private incomes which is know as privy purse payments etc. The Queen does not receive a pay-cheque from the tax payer to be Queen unlike certain continental Monarchies and certainly unlike the Presidents and Prime Ministers of countless other nations. The Crown is funded by the Crown Estate which is not owned by the State but by the Crown, therefore the Queen is the proprietor and not the owner and therefore she is placed there in right of the crown which serves the people. The Proceeds from the Crown Estate are given to the treasury which then in turn the expense for the palace (official workings of the Head of State) are given over, leaving hundreds of millions of pounds for the government to put into public service such s education, health care etc. I have attached an article with exact amount etc for you to read for the most informative explanation of the crown estate, figures, expenses etc.