The British Monarchists Society

Monarchy: A Contribution

Q: Why do you believe that the monarchy is such a good contribution to our country?

A: The Monarchy serves as a symbol of tradition and also the Monarch is the personification of the State: 1,000 years of our history summed up in one living person who represents the many different, people, places and religions that have shaped our story throughout the centuries. The Monarch also gives the nation continuity and is placed above politics, to which the government of the day is accountable to something and someone, unlike in most republics such as America. The Government in America is supposed to be accountable to the people but is not and therefore more times than not defies the wishes of the general population. This is supported with the recent election and the institution called the Electoral College. America is not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic – most do not know the difference. The Monarch also leads by example, duty and is paramount to the working of government, after all the nation is Sovereign because of the Monarch. Everything within the government is carried out in her name. The Monarch is the cornerstone of the very institution and political system in which we live. If we were to remove this, the system in which we know and have lived in will not work anymore – this is similar to removing the motor in a car, it will simply not work if it is removed and the same goes for our system of governance where the Monarchy is concerned.