The British Monarchists Society

Monarchist Affiliates

The organisations represented below are official partners of the British Monarchist Foundation, united in a combined effort to Protect, Defend and Promote the integrity of the Crown in a modern 21st century world.

The Australian Monarchist League

The Australian Monarchist League is a non-profit, voluntarily-staffed membership-based organisation with its primary aim to retain Australia as a constitutional monarchy. To this end it actively monitors the status of the Constitution, informs the public on aspects of politics and government which affect or might affect the smooth running of the monarchy in Australia, maintains a website, a Facebook group, a regular newsletter and informs the public of the benefits of our system of government through conferences, discussion papers, providing material for schools, and answering enquiries. With over a thousand years of historical development our monarchy has adapted to changing times but it never ceases to dedicate itself to the protection of the people for whom it is responsible and its checks and balances on power ensure that our basic freedoms remain free from the grasp of politicians. Australia has always been a Monarchy and the Australian Monarchist League is entirely convinced that Australia is a stable and vibrant country today for that reason. Established in Australia in 1993, it has steadily developed into becoming the largest member-based monarchist group in the country. It holds regular meetings and has branches in all States and in the ACT. Its membership is open to any Australian interested in finding out how the Constitution came about and how our Monarchy works to protect the freedoms Australia enjoys and to those who wish to show support for the system of monarchical government.

The Caribbean Monarchist League
Celebrating the rich legacy of our distinctly West Indian Monarchy within the Caribbean Commonwealth Realms. The CML promotes the preservation of Constitutional Monarchy in the West Indies for States Still loyal to the Crown. The Following are the Aims and Objectives of the Caribbean Monarchist League (CML):

  • To Promote Constitutional Monarchy as the Best and most democratic form of government in the West Indies. To Advocate for the Preservation and Continuation of the Monarchy in the Caribbean Realms
  • To Expose the Population to the failures and shortcomings to be found in Republican regimes and why this form of government should never be encouraged
  • To Collaborate with our International partners in other Monarchist organisations to help preserve monarchical forms of government in the Commonwealth and the World

The CML does not condone, promote or advocate the return to colonial rule under the United Kingdom or any other foreign State, we simply wish to promote the institution of the Crown from a completely West Indian point of view and the role it plays in the Constitutional structures of Commonwealth Caribbean Territories. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

Monarchies of the Caribbean:   Antigua and Barbuda, Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, State of Grenada, Jamaica, Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

 British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean: Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Monserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands

The British Monarchist Society in America


The mission of the BMS America falls into four categories:

I. To promote a greater understanding of Monarchy in general, and the British Constitutional Monarchy specifically, among the American people;

II. To uphold the Special Relationship between the United States and Great Britain;

III. To reform the perception of history whereby Great Britain is seen as an enemy of American liberty, and instead recognise the English Constitutions as the originators of our sacred rights and British Common Law as the forebear of our code of justice;

IV. To celebrate the British roots of American culture and society. The Society is also a forum where supporters of the restoration of the British Monarchy to government in the United States can meet and discuss. We look forward to fostering an informed and unified Royalist movement that embraces both our values and character as Americans while recovering the traditions and identity as sons and daughters of the British Empire. As such we are also the first true organisation for Loyalists in the United States since Independence!