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Miss Great Britain Pageant

The Great Miss Britain Pageant: Charity – BMS Community Giving and Sponsorship

Above: BMS Founder Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills (centre left with crown) at the 2015 Miss Great Britain Pageant

The BMS sponsors, in part, the Miss Great Britain Pageant, Southeast competition, by sponsoring the crown for the winner. BMS Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, is in attendance to place the crown upon the head of the winner when announced. The Great Miss Britain Pageant is about beauty, but more importantly it provides an educational scholarship for those involved. As the BMS values education and history, Miss Great Britain ticks all of the boxes for continued support of this worthwhile and cultural competition. Through the years Miss Great Britain has evolved becoming one of ‘THE’ pageant systems to be part of.  The Miss Great Britain competition has helped launch the career of many well-known names including: Miss GB 1957 Leila Williams (Blue Peter presenter), Miss GB 1976 Dinah May (actress), Miss GB 1984 Debbie Greenwood (TV presenter), Miss GB 2006 Danielle Lloyd (Model, TV Personality) and Miss GB 2007 Preeti Desai (Model, film actress). The modern-day Miss Great Britain competition has been built upon an extensive history of successful pageants and has helped launch the careers of many women who entered.