The British Monarchists Society


The BMS provides a membership programme which you can both be proud of and use in many practical ways. From savings at restaurants, hotels and spas, to complimentary car rental and fantastic savings at Buckingham Palace, the BMS welcomes you to a world unlike any other! There are many different benefits which accompany every level of membership, to which great savings at over hundreds of establishments will more than save the cost of annual membership. Becoming a member of the British Monarchists Society is not just joining a social and educational advocacy group, but becoming a part of a heritage association which respects and promotes the traditional aspect of our constitutional monarchy.

Membership in the British Monarchists Society is a world unlike any other. Through the BMS, one can show their support for the British monarchy by acquiring one of the multiple tiers of membership which are available with varying levels of exclusive benefits to subscribers of the BMS, including access to our “Passport To Britannia” programme as well as the “Passport to Britannia Plus”, unlocking premium access to an extensive range of varying discounts and events. All membership levels include: e-mail updates about the BMS and upcoming events, as well as the quarterly newsletter “Britannia”.