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We are happy to provide this special area for the world’s media and press, for all things British monarchy related with respect to the British Monarchists Society. Within the Media Hub, journalists can find:

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All media enquiries should be directed to our Press team on 02075441066 or 

Subsequently you may contact our Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, on 07787547564 or

If your query is urgent, please do not call our main number as messages can be delayed.

For radio, television and print interview requests, documentary inclusion and/or programme filming requests, please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to arrange our diaries to accommodate such requests.

The British Monarchists Society is happy to contribute to all serious media requests.

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The Press Team is comprised of several  spokesmen which include the Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, the Chairman, Alexander Shayler, and Press Officer, Sophia Greenblat. The  Press Team has a combined total of 22 years working in field of media and press with nearly 350 media credits combined.

The British Monarchists Society is a heritage organisation that promotes tradition, defends The Crown and advances education through several different platforms both within the community and online. 

The society has contributed to hundreds of media/news reports, documentaries and queries which require educated and knowledgeable commentary, together with the ability to deliver facts, and real time examples of the Monarchy, past and present, in a clear and concise approach.

The Media

The world’s media/press have worked with the society for over eight years, most of this time directly with our Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills. As a Royal historian, Royal consultant and Royal expert, Thomas is one of the most knowledgeable individuals around, when it comes to the world of monarchy. Thomas has written several highly specialised books with regard to the Royal family and continues to lecture and speak within the international community not only about Royal family members, but case specific subjects and themes such as The Crown in Government, The Queen and The Commonwealth and Royal Births. Thomas possesses a plethora of information and has nearly 200 media credits to his name. View his biography here.

Why should you, as a journalist/reporter, use the British Monarchists Society?

The British Monarchists Society adds that little extra “umph” to media and press reports, interviews and documentaries, simply for the fact that we are a professional heritage organisation, knowledgeable, worldly and well educated, with an emphasis on Royal history as well as international political theory in respect to the British monarchy, its Realms and its influence around the world over the past many centuries. We has a finger on the pulse of the nation where the Royal family is concerned and continues to promote true themes surrounding the institution such as Royal finances, funding, travel and many other components of Royal life that the media does not fully understand or report on.

The British Monarchists Society is more than just an organisation that promotes British traditions, it is an inclusive organisation to which the world’s press and media have attended our functions, have reported from gatherings and have also counted on the society as their “go to” organisation for Royal commentary, Royal history and interviews Royal in nature.

For a selection of photographs of our events, functions and gatherings, please click here.