12 October 2015

BMS in Her.ir: Lock Of Princess Diana’s Hair For Sale

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Her Ireland has featured the BMS in an article:

An American art dealer has caused outrage after posting strands of Princess Diana’s hair on auction site eBay.

The framed memorabilia is described as just a ‘few strands’ of Diana’s hair, which has been mounted next to a photograph and facsimile signature of the late princess. The framed hair, and its presentation case, is currently on sale for $1,200 (€1,055).

Speaking to the Daily Star, a British Monarchist Society spokesman said: “The sale of modern royal hair makes us feel uneasy and we are sure Princes William and Harry would be disturbed by the auction too: it is, essentially, a body part. “Memorabilia relating to Diana has always been popular, even 18 years after her death, so perhaps it is not surprising to see a lot such as this up for sale.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.