The British Monarchists Society

Media Appearances

BMS “teaches” for Refinery 29 – Sex and the Young Royals.

BMS Live Commentary for BFM France Live. Harry et Meghan Wedding.

BMS Features in Al Jazeera Anti-Monarchy Article.

C Dans L’air France speaks with BMS about the Royal Wedding 2018.

French News: LaDepeche features BMS – Mariage d’Harry et Meghan : c’est la folie à London

Royal Society ‘furious’ with ‘filthy’ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle biopic movie.

BMS at Royal Wedding of Harry & Meghan: Running Commentary for BFM France

EUROPE Radio One features BMS: Harry et Meghan – The Wedding.

BMS featured on France 5 – Royal Baby.

BMS at Buckingham Palace for French Television

BMS appears opposite HH Prince Mario-Max of Schaumburg-Lippe for “Astro-Royal” News.

BMS is present for the birth of Cambridge baby three.

Express features BMS: Prince William praised for being ‘accessible’.

Royal Society Claim Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Film Promotes ‘Filth And Perversion’ – Pretty 52

Woman Magazine Features BMS and “Harry & Meghan”.

BMS Reviews New Royal Film – The Results Are In! The Daily Mirror.