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Harry & Eugenie’s Wedding Expenses.

Q: Many people understood the money spent on Prince Harry’s wedding, but became angry upon hearing about the money spent on Princess Eugenie’s wedding. What do you think of this? Why did she have so much money spent when there is no possibility that she will become queen?

A: Do the people really understand how much money was spent on, and how Harry’s wedding paid for? Or was it simply that people may not have had that big of an issue on cost because this was the second child of Diana, Princess of Wales, whom the public loves and wants to see her legacy continue to be carried forward – so they overlooked a lot of things that they thought would be deferred to the public coffers? Eugenie is not very well known or popular, and if the Public truly understood Prince Harry’s wedding costs, the public would understand Eugenie’s costs. Princess Eugenie’s wedding was not very much (just over £3M) in comparison to Harry’s Wedding which was tens of millions.

Most if Eugenie’s cost was on flowers (paid for by the family) and security. Princess Eugenie is not classed as a “working Royal” and therefore her wedding was a completely private affair (even though they did invite the public to share in their special day) with hers and her husbands families footing the bill. As the Sovereign (Head of State) and the three future Heads of State were in attendance, the public contribution to the wedding was only for security – the same as is paid for any event that the Monarch attends including Harry’s wedding, Williams wedding etc. The cost for security wherever the Monarch is, is always and has always been covered by the state. Do not forget that Windsor Castle is state owned and not privately held by the Monarch, therefore any events which take place at the Castle, where the public are invited or are, always requires security and protection for not only the Head of State but for the people visiting the Castle.