Educational Videos

A Brief History of The Royal Family

This video by CGP Grey illustrates and explains the line of succession of the British Royal family from 1066. Those who watch this video will have a brief introduction as to which Kings and Queens reigned, conspired, invaded, died, murdered, and fought their way to the ultimate position within the Realm – Sovereign. In less than 9 minutes, one-thousand years of British Royal history will unfold in a completely abridged, comprehensive, interesting, and amusing history lesson for those who like history on the go!

The True Cost of the Royal Family Explained

This video by CPG Grey is interesting and amusing, but not completely the exact truth as to the question of Royal finances, however, it is the best animated and comprehensive video to be found. CPG Grey wrongly states that tax money is given to the Queen, when in fact none of the money from the tax-generating efforts of the government is given. The Crown Estate profits cover the cost of the Crown, with the exception of Security. The Crown Estate pays over £3ooM per year to the Treasury, from which £40M is then returned to the Palace to cover official expenditure, thus making any money spent by the Palace self-funding through the Crown Estate. This is a fact that has been omitted from the video. Despite this and our correction, we still think the overall message of the video is good.

How to Become the British Monarch

In this fun and interesting video by CGP Grey, viewers will learn the importance of succession through male primogeniture in relation to The Crown, changes to this in 2013, historical rules for the succession of the Crown through force and the size of ancient armies, and even the importance of one’s religion which dictates whether or not one can become the Monarch.

The United Kingdom Explained

This quick geographic video explains the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain, The British Isles, and England. As the video continues, viewers will learn which nations make up the United Kingdom and the politics within. Furthermore, the explanation of the two largest islands within the UK, other islands within the British Isles which are not the art of the UK, and other geographic anomalies are explored.