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Crown & Country Magazine

                                                                         A  Renewably Resourced and Green Publication

Crown and Country Magazine is “Britain’s Royal Themed Luxury Periodical”, twice a year (for now) providing over 150 pages of reference, insight and factual research blended into a comprehensive editorial of the Monarchy’s most interesting individuals and themes. Luxurious, high quality paper possesses some of the finest Royal photographs taken, placed among finely detailed editorial in an extraordinary effort to create a unique and highly collectable product. Crown and Country Magazine is an environmentally friendly publication which uses renewable and green resources in the manufacturing of its products, surely a point of interest to delight The Prince of Wales!

Each issue of Crown and Country is highly tailored to a specific desire to provide proper education of the British monarchy to the people of the world as to the true reasoning of and for the Monarchy to be in existence. Topics such as Royal finances and who truly funds the monarchy, the Crown’s unifying place in the nation, green initiatives by the Prince of Wales and many more relevant topics are discovered within the pages of this high quality reference periodical. Crown and Country Magazine has created the perfect blend of academic research, professional historical analysis, popular topics and factual reporting to fully illustrate the positive attributes of the British Monarchy in a modern 21st century.

Professors of History and Politics, Royal warrant Holders and many individuals attached to the Monarchy such as photographers, portrait painters and those “by appointment” have contributed in many ways to the content of this historic and collectable magazine by writing for and providing topics of interest to the readers of Crown and Country. By becoming a regular reader and/or subscriber of Crown and Country Magazine, you are guaranteed to be delighted with and well informed by this luxury Royal periodical. Secure your position in becoming a part of the Crown and Country “Club” by subscribing to this extensive and unique collection today.

“Britain’s Royal Themed Luxury Periodical” is a by-product of the British Monarchists Society. Crown and Country Magazine believes in the protection of the environment and reducing the impact of our business activities upon it. This is foremost in ours and our printer’s management philosophy. Our printers have a strict policy to provide Crown and Country Magazine with goods and services within an environmentally sound framework, who set and monitor environmental objectives and targets, reduce waste and the consumption of resources, foster a sense of responsibility for the environment amongst their staff and, where possible, reduce the impact of manufacturing activities on the local environment. To ensure that this is achieved consistently and efficiently, the manufacturers/printers of Crown and Country Magazine operate an Environmental Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

Therefore, Crown and Country Magazine, together with it’s printers aim to be as ‘environmentally neutral’ as possible and, wherever we can, contribute positively to the preservation of our natural environment. For instance, we strive to minimise our use of solvents, we monitor our energy consumption on a monthly basis, use vegetable oil based inks, recycle tons of paper and consumables each year and our approved materials database favours those suppliers who use environmentally responsible manufacturing methods. Crown and Country printers are members of the Woodland Trust and have certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).