Charitable Giving

The British Monarchists Society’s charitable giving aspect exists to advance education about Constitutional Monarchy and its place within the United Kingdom and Her Majesty’s Realms. The British Monarchists Society currently and has previously undertaken projects to further promote charities which are promoted by younger members of the Royal family.

Our Charitable Activites

The British Monarchist Society’s charitable giving aspect exists to advance education about Constitutional Monarchy and its place within the United Kingdom and Her Majesty’s Realms as the Directors and Officers see fit from time to time. The British Monarchist Society currently has undertaken two projects to further promote charities which are promoted by younger members of the Royal family.

Royl Token

This cryptocurrency was created to help further assist and fund Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, Sentebale, and the Royal Foundation. Half of all funds raised through this ICO will be put into a fund to be disbursed amongst the charities once the initial crowd sale is over.

Red Box Programme

The BMS also has a particular interest in, but not limited to, advancing the education of the general public, in particular young people, through the donation of resources to establishments of an educational nature and by making grants and awards to students, where appropriate, in full or part-time education. The British Monarchist Society is dedicated to proper education about Constitutional Monarchy as the best form of government for the people.

The “Queen’s Cup” Award

The British Monarchists Society sponsors the “Queen’s Cup” award, which is the First Place award/trophy for the Industry Steering Group First Aid Competition. This award is presented by the Founder of the British Monarchists Society on an annual basis to the Champions of the Adult Division of the First Aid competition, which is administrated by the Industry Steering Group, under the close Patronage of Lord Lingfield.

The Duke of Gloucester as Grand Prior of the Venerable Order of St John gave his name to a first aid competition run by St John Ambulance and this included not only teams from St John, but also from a number of large industries. Ten years ago St John asked the Industry Steering Group to run the Grand Prior Competitions, which they did on behalf of St John. The Grand Priory of St John recently reviewed their involvement in the Grand Priory Competition and decided it had a lower priority than other schemes, so they withdrew their support. The lifesaving skills of the first aider are renewed every three years by attending a course. In the interim period between one course and another, if the first aider is not regularly involved in using these lifesaving skills, they can easily forget what to do in an emergency. The Competitions provide the opportunity to hone these skills by practising on casualties who are made up for their injuries and who act out the symptoms and signs. Without this opportunity, to provide practice and training, many more casualties are likely to die.

The Industry Steering Group decided to take over the running of the Competitions, with the support of Lord Lingfield and the first competitions took place at Blackpool on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 20th to the 22nd November 2014. The Industry Steering Group consists of members of the Coal Board, the Ambulance Service, The Police, the Fire Service, Dockland and British Ports Authority, the Post Office, Railways (supported by Virgin Trains), and the St. Andrews Society. Other industries which are or may be involved in future competitions are Gas and Electricity, Cement, Gypsum, Welsh Grand Priory of St John, and Northern Ireland. There will be some 24-26 teams competing with 7 young first aiders and 2 novice teams.

The British Monarchists Society was asked to consider being involved by donating the top award to the winners of the Adult Competition. The Directors of the Society have agreed to sponsor the overall winners of the Adult Competition a silver cup, which has been named “The Queens Cup”. This will be presented to the winners by the Founder of the British Monarchists Society at the conclusion of the competition. It is the intention that this will be an annual competition and the British Monarchists Society will attend the competition annually to present the “Queens Cup”.

Miss Great Britain Pageant

The BMS sponsors, in part, the Miss Great Britain Pageant, Southeast competition, by sponsoring the crown for the winner. BMS Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, is in attendance to place the crown upon the head of the winner when announced. The Great Miss Britain Pageant is about beauty, but more importantly, it provides an educational scholarship for those involved. As the BMS values education and history, Miss Great Britain ticks all of the boxes for the continued support of this worthwhile and cultural competition. Through the years Miss Great Britain has evolved becoming one of ‘THE’ pageant systems to be part of.  The Miss Great Britain competition has helped launch the career of many well-known names including Miss GB 1957 Leila Williams (Blue Peter presenter), Miss GB 1976 Dinah May (actress), Miss GB 1984 Debbie Greenwood (TV presenter), Miss GB 2006 Danielle Lloyd (Model, TV Personality) and Miss GB 2007 Preeti Desai (Model, film actress). The modern-day Miss Great Britain competition has been built upon an extensive history of successful pageants and has helped launch the careers of many women who entered.