11 September 2022

Channels Television features BMS: Economy, Politics, Family Issues Will Top King Charles III’s Agenda, Says Archer-Mills


Channels Africa has featured the BMS and its Founder in an interview exploring how the New British monarch, King Charles III, will have his plate full in terms of issues to be dealt with as he ascends the throne.

That’s according to the founder of the British Monarchists Society, Thomas Archer Mills. He told Channels Television’s Ladi Akeredolu-Ale on our current affairs programme Newsnight that following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the new King must steer his country through some of the time’s greatest challenges from economic to political and even royal family issues. “The Crown is not in a state where we would say everything is going to be bliss in the court of King Charles III,” he said.

“We have Jamaica looking to leave as a realm to become a republic, same as Barbados did last year under Her Majesty. We do have a lot of personal family strife and issues within the family that the new King is trying to sort and we saw that in his speech to the nation”. According to him, the King is likely to see a recession in the country, have to contend with pending issues around Brexit and more. “There is a lot we are going to be facing,” he said.

For the full interview with Mr Archer Mills, watch Newsnight, tomorrow, Monday, September 12, 2022, at 9 pm on Channels Television