The BMS is committed to protecting and preserving the legacy, function and place of the Crown throughout the nation, this time with the incentive to identify, evaluate and repair crumbling and deteriorating Royal monuments.

The Vision:

The BMS Royal Memorial Restoration Alliance – The United Kingdom Increasingly finds its Royal memorials, plaques and other celebratory landmarks in a state of disrepair, often times crumbling and needing a proper clean and refurbishment. The BMS seeks to create a fund for the proper cleaning, restoration and perpetual support of Royal memorials around the nation through the creation of such an alliance. One example of such a memorial needing refurbishment is a special commemorative plaque at the entrance to the City of London along embankment. It is a marker for Queen Victoria during her Diamond Jubilee year and is in dire need of repair/restoration. The BMS would like to start a fund with corporate and private sponsors to identify such monuments around the country, starting with London boroughs and reaching out to councils which possess Royal statues, memorials, plaques etc, that may not be able to afford to refurbish or upkeep their Royal Monuments. We would look at creating a working Trust for perpetual care, cleaning and restoration.