The Society defends the Crown against misinformation and republican attack surrounding Royal finances, this time with a suggested positive change as to how the Palace is funded in regard to Treasury involvement.


The Vision:

Revision to Royal Funding – When Royal Finances are released, the media is rife with speculation, snide remarks, wrong and mis-information they like to throw around as fact. The British Monarchists Society is convinced that a change, not to the SSG formula, but the way the formula of funding is paid to the Palace could help alleviate such financial misconceptions where the public are concerned. The BMS is currently putting together a report which shows good reason as to why the Crown Estate should pay the Palace directly from its profits before the rest of its revenue is turned over to the Treasury. Such a change as this would stop the co-mingling of public money and private money within the treasury, and would further help show the fact that the Monarchy is funded through actions of the Crown itself and not the tax generating actions of the government, ie, the taxpayer does not pay tax to fund the cost of the Monarchy.