Refinery29 contacted the BMS to ask if Chairman, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, would explain the view of the Royal family and pre-martial relations within the family. Miss Brabaw, The Sex and Gender columnist for Refinery 29,  asked the Chairman if there were ever (or still are) rules or expectations about premarital sex and if so, is it because of the Royals’ adherence to religious doctrine? The Chairman provided several paragraphs of explanation for the young and trendy media company which you can read by clicking here or on the photo above.  Refinery 29 is an American digital media and entertainment company focused on young women. The brand produces editorial and video programming, live events, and social, shareable content delivered across all major platforms, and covers a variety of categories including style, entertainment, health, technology, news, food, politics, careers, and more.

The Chairman’s contribution in full may be found below:

“Throughout history, especially where Royal relationships are concerned, there has always been a strict rule/regulation with respect to pre-marital sex. The number one rule before the looks of, or the breeding of a potential Royal spouse, was that she be a virgin first and foremost. This rule has always been strictly observed for women marrying senior Royals within several European and world courts throughout history, and as late as the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales. Diana, when being courted by the Prince of Wales, was expected and known to be a virgin – it was a condition of marriage. It was imperative that the woman Prince Charles chose to be his wife was first and foremost a virgin – this was a big story in the 1980’s – Diana must be a virgin! In times past the Royal courts would accompany the newlyweds to the bedroom, where they were to spend their first evening as man and wife, and they would not only wish them luck but keep an eye on them to make sure that the marriage was consummated properly. Well into the 20th century, it was also customary for a Senior member of British government to be present at the birth of a Royal heir to ensure that there were no shenanigans or the switching of babies upon the delivery – to prove that the Royal heir was who he/she was born to be and not an imposter. As we are now in the 21st-century, and social attitudes towards sex have changed, we have seen the Monarchy update to accommodate certain factors of young modern life – there are not many virgins around anymore, male or female. Change within the Palace comes from top to the bottom, and in the case of Prince William, Her Majesty, The Queen, and William’s granny, thought it was a good idea for Catherine Middleton to live with Prince William before and whilst being engaged. This pre-marital arrangement was agreed upon so that Catherine would be able to understand the duty expected of her with a Royal life and if she would be able to handle being a member of the Windsor family in regard to the media scrutiny etc. For Prince William, it’s one thing to have granny approve of your soon to be spouse and marriage, quite another to have her approve of a pre-marital shag! However, this equation has seen the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge successful, happy and lasting unlike that of the Prince and Princess of Wales. In the case of Prince Harry and is bride to be, they are not only living together, but Meghan is certainly not a virgin and also divorced. Meghan has been married before and linked to other men throughout her life. Prince Harry has also been known to “sow his wild oats” with the parade of young gorgeous women he has dated throughout his life. However, this couple and their “pre-martial” arrangement which has been approved again by “Granny”, has seen some of the biggest changes to date in Royal attitudes towards pre-marital sex and other arrangements. The House of Windsor has fully come into the 21st century with the acceptance of divorcees, pre-marital co-habitation, pre-marital sex and certainly the ability to realise that young modern people prefer to sample the goods before buying them. Cheers to Prince Harry and Meghan and also to the Queen for allowing her grandchildren the right to be young, have fun and enjoy the fruits of the fairer sex!”