De Volkskrant 10 September 2015The British Monarchist Society held a Service of Thanksgiving in honour of Her Majesty on 9th September 2015. Dutch journalist of “De Volkskrant” reports:

“Elizabeth Does Not “fuss” About Her British Record”

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Yesterday Elizabeth did not make a ‘fuss’ on the day she passed Victoria as the longest reigning monarch (63 years, 7 months) from British history. Members of the British Monarchist Society thought otherwise. By: Patrick van IJzendoorn September 9, 2015, 20:20

“You are cordially invited” so began the invitation from the monarchist society, “to attend a worship service in honor of Her Majesty in St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Applicable hymns will sound during the Eucharist, which will be concluded by the National Anthem. We encourage appropriate dress, men to wear a suit and hats for the ladies. Decorations may be pinned. ” Since there was little in London organized to thank the queen for her role as patron of the islanders, including guest monarchists, this seemed like a promising prospect. Gladly I had pinned a medal on my dark blue suit, but I own only a bronze medal in a chess tournament. That seemed inappropriate. It would prove to be a good decision.

The ‘English Toastmaster”, a master of ceremonies, sat me down next to a 80 year old man who had pinned six medals, including one for good conduct during his tenure with the Grenadier Guards, the battalion bearskin hats. For him, today the circle, says George Albert Mills. “If 17 years I served as a Grenadier at the coronation. Since then I have felt connected to her Majesty. Once a Grenadier, always a Grenadier. “