24 June 2021

BMS in The National: BMS MP Joy Morrissey lambasted over plan to hang more portraits of Queen


The National Scotland has featured The British Monarchists Society and BMS Core Patron Joy Morrissey MP in a report today regarding the BMS State Portrait Project: Joy Morrissey, the US-born representative for Beaconsfield, is championing the initiative in partnership with the British Monarchists Society. It aims to “put a portrait of Her Majesty in every home, company, and institution that would like one”. The statement adds: “It is time to rediscover our pride in being British!”

The idea has been condemned as “divisive” and “jingoistic”. Morrissey announced on Twitter that she is writing to Boris Johnson to ask him to back the campaign. “I think this is a wonderful, patriotic and unifying campaign for our country,” she posted. “I will be writing to the Prime Minister to ask him to give it careful consideration and looking for opportunities to discuss further in Parliament.”  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE