2 July 2021

BMS in News Today World: The Queen, The Bad, and The Americans: “woke” Britain condemns Loyal MP and celebration of Monarch.


News Today World has featured the BMS in an article exploring the recent State Portrait Project created by the Society and championed by its Patron, Joy Morrissey MP. News Today World looks at the way in which the media backlash of the announcement of this campaign has proven that not everything is as it seems in the United Kingdom. Exploring the American roots of Joy Morrissey MP and the BMS Founder, News Today World sets the record straight in terms of what the State Portrait Project is, How Americans have a history of defending The Crown in the UK, how Americans have added to the rich tapestry of British heritage (Nancy Astor, Lloyd Grossman, Boris Johnson), and how many woke warriors on the Twittersphere condemned the campaign and both the BMS and its Patron without ever knowing the ins and outs of the project. READ THE ARTICLE HERE.