30 August 2021

BMS in News Today World - BMS Creates new Jubilee Anthem for Queen 2022


News Today World has featured The British Monarchists Society and its Founder in an Exclusive about how the Society has created a new and improved Anthem for the Platinum Jubilee of 2022. 

The Anthem will be accompanied by a music video, depicting some of the greatest highlights of the Queen’s reign within Her Realms thus far, and will be released on all major digital outlets where it will be available for purchase. This musical celebration of Her Majesty’s seven-decades of service to the people of the world will feature on the website of the British Monarchists Society, as well as its own website where readers can learn more, listen to the demo teaser, and see/watch photos and recordings of the demo in creation
on: www.thejubilee2022.com

Household names in Classical, Contemporary, Rock, R & B, and Soul music have been contacted to be a part of this new musical celebration of Her Majesty’s milestone by Louise Harris PR and Talent Management, who has donated her time and resources in making this celebration the best it can be with reference to the artists invited to partake in this musical celebration of the Queen. In addition to individual artists, choirs and other organisations have been approached to feature on the final recording and in the associated musical video, including the Queen’s bands within the Household Division, MOD. The release date for the Jubilee Anthem, EIIR: The Platinum Record (We Thank You from Our Hearts), is scheduled for Accession Day, 6 February 2022, the day on which Her Majesty, The Queen ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom.. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE