10 September 2021

The Queen's Helpers: Senior Royals gearing up as Monarch slows down.


News 24 South Africa has featured The British Monarchists Society and its Founder in an Exclusive about how members of the Royal family are doing more to assist the Queen as she starts to slow down and shed some of her lesser duties. 

News 24 took an in depth look at all members of the Royal family and concentrated on Princess Anne, using quotes from BMS Founder, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, about her position and close proximity to HM Armed Forces, “She’s considered the hardest-working royal and has certainly inherited her mother’s work ethic.Anne (70) is expected to soon take on more royal responsibilities previous carried by Harry and Philip, and the queen will bestow on her some of the honorary titles Harry was stripped of after Megxit. The Princess Royal is set to become the first woman to hold the title of captain-general of the Royal Marines, a title Harry inherited from Philip after his retirement in December 2017. As captain, Anne will be the ceremonial head of the Royal Marines and it’s believed she’s keen to take up the post.

Royal commentator Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills says the princess is the perfect fit. She’s married to a “military man”, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence (66), and “she tells it straight and that’s what the military is about,” he says. “Her demeanour is good for the patronages her father had.” ‘She’s no nonsense and to the point – she’s not one for small talk’. Anne’s dedicated work ethic is the reason the queen will give her more honorary titles, according to Mace-Archer-Mills. “It really shows well that this woman, who wasn’t born to be monarch, is the one to take these honorary patronages and make something of them. She commands the respect of the armed forces.”  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE