9 July 2021

BMS in Flipboard News: Harry and Meghan - 'Royal republicans' helping bring down monarchy


Flipboard has featured The British Monarchists Society and its Founder in an Exclusive about The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and how their months of attacks on the monarchy and Royal family has emboldened anti-monarchist groups such as the UK’s republic organisation.

EXCLUSIVE Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are accused of helping a campaign to bring down the monarchy when the Queen dies as the ‘poster couple for anti-monarchical sentiment’.

Founder of the British Monarchists Society told us that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the “poster couple for anti-monarchical sentiment”. Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills blamed them for “emboldening” the Republic campaign group to launch a billboard campaign to stop Prince Charles becoming King. The pair, who quit the Firm and now live a lucrative life in the US, have made a string of public criticisms the Royal Family kicking off with their bombshell Oprah interview.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE