5 July 2021

BMS in Express Poll: Should Queen pay reparations for Britain's role in slave trade?


The Express has featured The British Monarchists Society in a poll. THE QUEEN has been urged to pay billions of pounds to Jamaica for Britain’s role in the slave trade some 400 years ago. Do you think the monarch should be forced to pay reparations to the former colony? Vote in our poll below.

The Jamaican government is set to petition Her Majesty for compensation to all its citizens for Britain’s role in the slave trade. The Caribbean island became a British Colony in 1707 and British merchants made a fortune from Jamaican slaves. The country now wants compensation for “the victims and descendants of the transatlantic slave trade”, with a leading politician launching a petition to seek reparations from Britain

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, historian and founder of the British Monarchists Society, said: “Britain has already paid its share and then some – the price of freedom for Jamaica’s slaves. “There needs to come a day where individuals, peoples, and the nations of today need to take accountability for themselves, their own actions, and situations, and stop blaming centuries old dead people and less savoury histories of the past.”  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE