23 March 2021

BMS in Daily Star: Harry & Meghan Treason says Queen Victoria


The British Monarchists Society was mentioned throughout an article titled: Queen Victoria would have called Harry and Meghan’s interview ‘treason’ says historian: 

EXCLUSIVE Queen Victoria would have “admired” her great-great-granddaughter’s response to their Oprah tell-all, but publicly referred to it as treason, a royal historian claims. Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills said she would have “admired” her great-great-granddaughter’s handling of the bombshell claims, but “Victoria would not have allowed any level of defiance by any member of her family” after issuing a public statement.  The punishment for treason was death until 1998 when it was changed to a maximum of life imprisonment, but he reckons Victoria would have “confined [them] to a life of disgrace and banishment” instead.  The 41-year-old founder of the British Monarchist Society told the Daily Star: “Victoria in the modern world would have accepted Meghan with open arms as the Royal family did, understanding that her position as a half white and half black person of colour would help to further the representative contract between the monarchy and the people. READ THE ARTICLE IN FULL HERE