23 May 2021

BMS in Australian News Review: Harry to Forget He Was Like "Legend of Banter" Philip

The Australian News Review has featured the BMS in an article explaining how Prince Harry has tried to distance himself from his Grandfather, Prince Philip, by using a new woke persona to exonerate himself from past gaffes. Prince Harry wants to forget his similarities to ‘legend of banter’ Prince Philip and has adopted a ‘woke persona’ which ‘distances him from any wrongdoing or offence,’ a royal expert has claimed. 
According to Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, founder of the British Monarchists Society,  the Duke of Sussex, 36, has attempted to devise a ‘new persona’ in a bid to put some distance between woke Harry and the fact he was ‘heir’ to the Duke of Edinburgh, who was renowned for his cheeky one-liners. ‘The Duke of Sussex has chosen to ignore and forget his less than favourable gaffes by burying them under several layers of political correctness and woke cushioning, in hope that his newly created persona will distance him from any wrongdoing or offence he caused when his gaffes were knowingly made,’ the royal expert claimed, speaking to The Daily Star. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE