25 June 2021

iNews - BMS Founder Defends Joy Morrissey MP from Abuse: MP campaigns for portrait of Queen


iNews – BMS Founder Defends Joy Morrissey MP from Abuse:

But Thomas Mace-Archer Mills of the British Monarchist Society said: “I think it is unfortunate that Joy has been attacked for her willingness to support such a campaign, considering all she did was announce she was going to help spearhead a project.

“People have not waited for an outline of the project or to see what the scheme would entail. Twitter has been filled with speculation and assumption without fact – a sign of the times I guess. It is hoped that when the public see what the scheme is, what its based on, and how it has been successful within the Realms, they will offer an apology for jumping the gun and commenting on something they did not have knowledge of.”

MP campaigns for portrait of Queen: has featured The British Monarchists Society in a report about the Society’s latest campaign to celebrate her Majesty by creating a Head of State portrait scheme modelled after than of Australia and Canada. Joy Morrisey MP who is spearheading this initiative has been quoted about her respect for the Queen and her appreciation of the British Monarchists Society. 

Launching the campaign in a tweet in which she was pictured holding a portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II the politician said: “I am proud to be launching a national campaign with the British Monarchists Society to put a picture of Her Majesty in every home, company and institution that would like one. It is time to rediscover our pride in being British!” READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE